A University of California proposal to charge select undergraduate majors an additional $900 in tuition has been postponed indefinitely.

The original policy proposed that juniors and seniors majoring in business and engineering pay elevated annual fees starting Fall 2010 — on top of the 30 percent tuition increase already proposed by UC President Mark G. Yudof last month. Although it was pushed from the agenda of the next UC Board of Regents meeting on Nov. 17, the proposed policy is still under review.

UC Special Assistant to the Provost Jan Corlett said the item was stripped from the agenda because administra-tors felt that it required further evaluation before it could be considered for a vote.

“The University of California is facing unprecedented budget cuts and has been exploring multiple approaches to the crisis,” Corlett said. “[This] item has generated extensive debate and has been removed from the Regents’ November agenda to allow more time for consultation and review.”

No definite date has been set for its reintroduction.

UCSB engineering professor Eric Matthys said he hopes the administration will critically review the policy and take into account its potential detriment to students.

“Certainly I’m not in favor of increasing the fees for the undergrad students,” Matthys said. “If it has to be done in the future, I hope that it will be done for the right reasons and implemented the right way. I don’t think it’s something to be taken lightly and it begs reconsideration.”

Furthermore, Mike Schmiess, a fifth-year mechanical engineering major, said the proposal should be dropped altogether if UC campuses like Santa Barbara wish to maintain their reputations.

“Since engineering contributes to the research and prestige of our school, students should not be penalized by paying an extra fee,” Schmiess said. “I feel that our department has been cut enough and the deferment was the right choice for the time being.”