If you’ve been downtown or attended one of the ridiculously sick parties in I.V. where there are photographers snapping pics of all the drunkards, you have more than likely run into Derren and Ana of DNA Imagery. Their photography is easily recognizable for their unique flair and their ability to capture the environment of any party and magnify it, yielding eye-popping results.

RENÉ: So what is DNA Imagery?
ANA: DNA is a photography, graphic, Web design and now [a] video company. We create images and make them look cooler by adding an artistic flair to them and by enhancing the photography.

DERREN: We bring out the hottest new design — fresh design — that people haven’t seen or aren’t up on yet from bigger cities. We bring that personal flair to it. Our primary thing is event photography right now. We go out to clubs, parties and make sure everybody looks good and make sure everybody is having a good time. It’s personality, on top of it; we bring energy to the party. As far as graphic design, it’s always something new and something fresh that nobody else is doing. And if someone else is doing it, we’re not doing it. If someone starts copying us, we change it up. That’s already happened with our photography actually. A lot of it is passion-driven and personality-driven, and we just put our heart and soul into every project we do.

RENÉ: How is it that DNA Imagery and the I.V. party scene relate with UCSB students?
Ana: It’s mainly the focus on the youth because we’re young. I’m only 23, and we’re pushing our dreams and what we want to do and what we’re passionate about. We want other people who are our age or younger to start doing what they want to do and pursue their dream. We want to spread the fun, creative and beautiful vibe that everyone should have, especially in Santa Barbara. This is an amazing place to start whatever you want to pursue.

DERREN: For all students, we give them 50 percent off, because everyone deserves a high-quality product. Instead of going to L.A. or hiring someone for $700 to $1,000, you can get high-quality product from us for much cheaper. In regards to UCSB students, I just hope what we’re doing is leading by example and showing that you can’t let anything become an obstacle. I just drive forward and I think that by leading by example, the next generation of UCSB graduates can do the exact same thing.