The Associated Students Finance Board dispensed $31,466 at its four hour meeting yesterday.

Members allotted $17,055 from their fall budget and handed out $14,411 from funds set aside for sports and student outreach.

The board heard from a group of students seeking money to film a documentary about the UC budget crisis.

“It is a call to action film,” Se Young Kang, a third-year film & media studies major said. “It is going to benefit a great deal of the student body.”

Board member Meng Chieng, however, questioned the project’s potential.

“I don’t want to spend and allocate funds for something that is going to sit in the library,” Chieng said. “It is going to sit there and the budget crisis is going to be over and we will be moving on.”

After discussion, the board decided not to fund the film.

Meanwhile, the board funded Beta Theta Pi $3,000 for a presentation by speaker Rick Barnes on mental health and greek life.

“Right now there is kind of a crisis in greek life,” Beta Theta Pi president Skyler Kraemer said. “… I want to change the tarnished image of greek life.”

The board volleyed back and forth about whether the event simply caters to greeks.

“I don’t feel like this is just directed toward greek students,” board member Josue Aparicio said. “I feel like greeks pay their dues just like everyone else, so we should fund them.”