First off, let’s not try to imply that atheism is somehow inherently linked with authoritarianism. There are plenty of oppressive governments that are religious.

Secondly, the anti-ballistic missile program (referenced in the Oct. 6 “A Heavy Hand Could Steady Iran”) was not canceled — it has been shifted to a sea-based system. I don’t know whether you were genuinely unaware of this or were just lying by omission, but given your past track record of dishonesty, I am inclined to think the latter.

You have tried to cast this act as a betrayal of Poland, but last I checked, the majority of its population was actually against setting up ABM programs in their own country. Poland has historically been a buffer zone for Russia — what do you suppose our plan to set up an ABM system in Poland looked like, from a Russian perspective?

Obama’s decision to not publicly announce his support for either faction was a wise one — such an act could easily be propagandized as an American attempt to interfere with the internal politics of Iran and would be a symbolic gesture at best.