Not to call it a sausage fest, but Isla Vista’s newest eatery will have no shortage of wieners.

Owned and operated by a UCSB student, Dogtown boasts menu choices ranging from chili French fries to gourmet hot links, as well as a variety of beer. The restaurant will open Sunday at noon.

Owner Grant Robertson, a fourth-year sociology major and Santa Barbara native, said his restaurant will cater to student appetites.

“You are going to leave full and satisfied without burning a hole in your pocket,” Robertson said. “There is something for everyone.”

Robertson said he’s wanted to open the restaurant since his sophomore year at UCSB, when he came up with the idea during a trip to Berkeley.

“I got the idea to open a hot dog restaurant in I.V. and kill it,” Robertson said.

While few people have sampled his sausage, Robertson’s friend McKaela Line said she expects they will be a hit.

“This is not a baseball game hotdog, this is gourmet at great prices,” Line said. “The whole community will love it. Dogtown will prove itself.”

Robertson said he encourages girls eating at the sausage house to try the chicken-apple sausage, made of a “prime cut of chicken blended with apple, parsley, [and] roasted garlic,” For guys, Robertson suggests they try his Louisiana hotlink, made with “select cuts of beef and pork, laced with spicy Cajun seasoning.”

Aiming to serve Isla Vista residents, Dogtown will stay open until 1 a.m. on weekdays and will close at 3 a.m. on weekends. It will be located at the corner of Pardall Road and Embarcadero del Norte, filling a space that has been vacant since Caliroll Express closed early this year. Hotdog prices will start at $3.75.