Kroozr $kid Nation, an Isla Vista cruiser-bike racing club that prides itself on its antics and inebriated daredevil stunts, ravaged the streets of Isla Vista Friday night.

The gang painted the streets with skid marks and vomit as members raced through the streets of I.V. for 10 minutes. Racers lapped the 6800 block of Sabado Tarde and Del Playa four times, guzzling a beer upon the completion of each lap.

First-time racer Eric — an employee at the Wheelhouse Bike Shop in downtown Santa Barbara — won the competition, but refused to submit his last name, claiming modesty. Although he requested to remain semi-anonymous, Eric said the race was thrilling and his competitors were innovative.

“Those guys are all really awesome,” he said. “We were really impressed by their creativity. They’ve got a good thing going on, and that was cool to be a part of.”

Mere milliseconds behind him were UCSB alumni Patrick “Tree” Miller and Austin Andrews, who placed second and third place, respectively.

Thomas Michaels, a second-year environmental studies major, said his inability to hold his alcohol while speeding on a bike made the race more challenging than he had anticipated.

“I could have won, but I was hurling all over,” Michaels said.

Nick Eliopoulos, on the other hand, said he had no problem with the drinking aspect of the race but had mechanical issues with his bike.

“Me?” Eliopoulos, a fourth-year English and history major, said. “I never puke. The race was a bang, a bang-a-rang even.”

However, Eddie Lee, a first-year biology major, said the event was more of a drinking competition than a race.

“The race was heinous,” Lee said. “I went around the laps. I puked like eight times. Whatever, I don’t feel bad. I finished.”
Racers, keeping with tradition, donned over-the-top outfits for the race, such as Speedos paired with leather jackets and helmets. Miller accessorized his Speedo with a bejeweled graduation cap and gown while other members were clad in bedazzled jean jackets. Oddly enough, the person who seemed to stand out most was the competitor in an actual bike racing uniform.

Upon completion of the race, over 40 riders circled up for a victory cruise. Spanning nearly a block in length, the riders cruised I.V. and campus while chanting, “Here we go, pit bulls,” “Kroozr $kid Nation” and “Skid or fuck.”

The riders even stormed down a hill outside Manzanita Village and rode through both Santa Cruz and Anacapa halls. Dorm residents stood wide-eyed as over 40 drunken racers zipped through their dorms.

According to Jace Martin, a fourth-year electrical engineering major, a K$N group member known as “El Presidente” rallied the transient community during the K$N event in order to distract law enforcement officers from the race.

“I wasn’t there, but apparently, they were breaking all kinds of laws for us,” Martin said.

A customary bike sacrifice followed the victory cruise. The gang hauled a piano for three blocks only to destroy it and a handful of bikes in flames. Audience members then proceeded to beat the remnants with plastic baseball bats.

Surprisingly, the only injury of the night was a minor burn. Michael Picassi, a fourth-year environmental studies major, got his foot stuck in the burning piano.

Local punk band Desperate Hours performed after the race as gang members danced around the fire on bikes. I.V. Foot Patrol and California Highway Patrol arrived at the scene at 9:32 p.m., responding to an alleged noise complaint.