The Anti-Defamation League (ADL) lacks the moral standing to march onto the UCSB campus and lecture Professor Robinson or anyone else.

The ADL has, after all, long colluded with a major human rights violator, Turkey, to deny the Armenian genocide and stop the U.S. Congress from acknowledging that genocide.

As a result, in a campaign that has made international news for two years, 14 cities here in Massachusetts, as well as the Massachusetts Municipal Association (MMA), have severed ties with No Place for Hate, an alleged anti-bias program created, trademarked and sponsored by the ADL.

Those 14 cities and the MMA recognized that, due to the national ADL’s opposition to acknowledgment of the Armenian genocide, No Place for Hate lacked credibility.

The campaign against the ADL also made news at UCSB a year ago when Armenian-American students protested the presence of No Place for Hate on campus.

I respectfully suggest that professor Robinson and UCSB tell the ADL that an organization that lives in a glass house has no right to throw stones at others.