Dear Editor and reading public,

It recently came to my attention that certain groups on campus were up in arms over a simple sports headline (“SB Scalps Aztecs in 15-8 Win,” Daily Nexus, April 2, 2009). The fact that they took it so seriously and personally, and made outrageous demands of the Nexus and its staff shows that they are narcissistic and hypersensitive.

The headline was meant as a joke. Nowhere in the article does the writer suggest racist ideas or advocate misdeeds towards American Indians. He clearly meant it as nothing more than a clever pun. The groups fail to realize that no one cares about them. Most importantly, no one cares about how much they are offended. White people took the land from American Indians, and there are a few leftover stereotypes about them. GET OVER IT. Guess what? It didn’t happen to you, and it didn’t happen to anyone who has anything in common with you (skin color doesn’t count, unless YOU are a racist). In fact, it happened way before half of the ancestors of the people who live in the U.S. even moved here. You’re an AMERICAN now, just like the rest of us.

I don’t get my panties in a bunch when people make jokes about Jews, gold, the Holocaust, potato famines or Bolshevik Revolutions. In fact, I laugh at those jokes (crazy isn’t it?). And those events are actually relevant to our modern world, too!

No one cares about the struggle of American Indians. Your life today is way better than it would’ve been if Europeans hadn’t come and ruined the lives of those original Native Americans.

Print on, Nexus! I celebrate your attempts to push the boundaries and print whatever the hell you want to.