This Memorial Day weekend, the California Highway Patrol plans to fully enforce traffic laws in order to prevent reckless behavior on the road.

The holiday weekend is considered a Maximum Enforcement Period [[ok]]by the CHP. In response to the increased number of traffic fatalities on holiday weekends, all available CHP officers will be patrolling California’s roadways.

Highway officers plan on implementing increased enforcement of traffic laws from Friday evening through Monday at midnight.

According to Erin Komatsubara of the CHP’s Public Relations, the dangers of driving tend to increase on holidays.

“We have several maximum enforcement days throughout the year, [but we primarily focus] on the holidays,” Komatsubara said. “People tend to drink and drive and go crazy more on the holidays.”

As a part of maximum law enforcement, CHP Public Information Officer James Richards said DUI checkpoints will also be established, but he would not specify where.

“A checkpoint is somewhat confidential up until the point it will happen,” Richards said.

The CHP hopes that the checkpoints will compel travelers to wear seatbelts, use designated drivers, and follow other laws that prevent human injury.

Last year, CHP officers statewide arrested 1,450 drivers for DUI violations during Memorial Day Weekend. Moreover, 38 people suffered roadway fatalities. Of those killed, 68 percent were not wearing seatbelts.