I met the Frenchman turned I.V. resident DJ at his residence on Sueño Road. When I got there, the sound of his latest audible concoction blasted through the garage door, the man who had won the DJ spot in this year’s Extravaganza was hard at work creating something new and definitely awesome for all of you. And so goes the interview:

RENE:So, how is Extravaganza going to be different for you from all the other events you’ve done?
DJ RAPH: Well, there’s going to be a lot of people, and I’ve never mixed in front of that many people before. And the sound system there will be so much more powerful than anything I’ve worked with before.

After Extravaganza are you going to be looking for more venues elsewhere?Who are you looking forward to meeting at Extravaganza?
Girl Talk, because of what he’s done with the mash-up genre. And Ludacris; even though our music comes from two completely different genres, we’re both artists. We’re different genres, but we’ve got the same passion for the music.

How are you finding the exposure from Extravaganza? Psyched much?
I’m excited because my name is on the flier with these other guys, with Girl Talk and Rebelution. People will also see “Deejay Raph;” the people who already know me will be happy to know that there will be some electro at Extravaganza.

What should people expect from you at Extravaganza?
Well, I’m going to start a little “housy,” to get people moving. Then, as the day goes on, it’s going to get harder and harder and harder and harder. I’m going to do something that people have not experienced before at Extravaganza; it will be a first. Some people are going to be like “What the hell is this?” but by the end of the day, I think people are going to love it.

So, how would you say you differ from other DJs?
Well, I don’t use Serato and a laptop. I’m not saying Serato is not good; I just don’t prefer it. I’d rather pop in my two CDs into my turntable and match beats in my headphones. I prefer to do it live; I feel like I get more feeling from the music. I get more into it.

So is there anything you want to say to your fans and fans to be?
To all the people who do know me and know what I do, I want them to come and do what they do every time they come to see me. I want everyone to dance their asses off. I want to show the non-electro lovers that they need to become electro lovers, because that shit is awesome.

Any last words?
Show up early (laughs).