Last night’s Associated Students Legislative Council meeting featured a whopping 43 items of new business.

Among the bills the council debated were one lifting the boycott of California table grapes, another entitled: “Reduce Confusion, Increase Awesomeness, and Promote the General Awesomeness” and several regarding the A.S. Election Code.

During public forum, S.W.A.P. candidate Cori Lantz, who was not elected, criticized the regulations guiding the recent A.S. elections. She presented a bill to the council that included several changes to the code, including the possibility of disqualification for breaking laws such as furnishing alcohol to minors at parties.

Additionally, Lantz proposed abolishing the printing of candidate party affiliations on the ballot.

As with all pieces of new business, the bill was tabled until next week.

A bill protecting A.S. safe spaces was also discussed at the meeting and passed via a roll call vote, with 16 members in favor and four opposed.

Off-campus Rep Paula Reever said that she supports safe spaces and the promotion of diversity among the student body.

“Safe spaces is important for the underrepresented groups on campus,” Reever said. “It provides an opportunity for open, honest discussion.”

The council also debated a bill to require professional and diversity training to newly elected representatives. According to the bill, council members currently receive no training on how to be professional or culturally aware despite their roles as representatives of UCSB’s diverse student body.

However, Off-campus Rep Topher Kindell said the training would be a complete waste of resources, citing his past experiences with a similar program.

“Diversity training has gotten to the point of complete absurdity,” Kindell said. “I would rather be docked my honoraria than have to sit through something like that”.

Meanwhile, the council allocated $6,945 to support an initiative to create skateboarding lanes on campus.