Gauchos can show off their stride or their stroke this Friday at the first annual Surf & Turf duathlon series.

Hosted by the UCSB Dept. of Recreation, the two event race features a 500-meter swim followed by a 5K run around the lagoon and will kick off at Campus Point at 6 p.m. Tomorrow’s race will be the first of four Surf & Turf races in the series, which will be held every Friday until June 5. Students are required to pay a $60 entry fee for the series, while non-students are subject to a $65 charge. Individuals can also opt to pay $15 to participate in individual races.

Amy Jamieson, the race director and a Dept. of Exercise and Sports Studies advisor, said the overarching goal of the series is to connect fitness enthusiasts in the area and encourage all participants to enjoy the natural setting of UCSB.

“It’s really focused on health and fitness while, at the same time, enjoying the beautiful atmosphere of our campus,” she said. “We want the community and students, as well as the staff and the faculty, to break into spring and summer together.”

For some, taking advantage of the campus landscape may be a higher priority than actually competing in the race. Jessica Cope, a second-year psychology major, said she will be running on Friday to take in the scenery.

“I think that a lot of students don’t get to appreciate the beauty of our campus just walking to and from class day to day,” Cope said. “Actually getting out there and running is so relaxing.”

All competitors, regardless of their ability level, are welcome to attend, Jamieson said. Participants can brave both the swimming and the running leg, or choose between the two.

“It’s a fun, easy course,” Jamieson said. “It’s appropriate for people of all fitness levels. You can walk, you can run or you can race.”

Derek Belisle, a fourth-year student and marketing director for the event, said the dualthon is designed to be a laid back activity, not a cut throat competition.

“We’re trying to move away from the big competitiveness of it all,” Belisle said. “It’s not competitive-based. We want it to be an enjoyable time for students and families and give everyone a chance to be involved.”

In addition to a workout, participants will be treated to food samples from local eateries, entertainment and raffle tickets. The first participants to register this Friday will also receive a free T-shirt.

“Silvergreens, SB Running, Natural Café and Blenders in the Grass – they’re all involved,” Jamieson said. “I just want people to come out and enjoy themselves.”