At last night’s Associated Students Legislative Council meeting, the table spent several hours discussing the Associated Students Budget for 2009-10.

A.S. President J.P. Primeau presented his version of the budget to the council two weeks ago, leaving the council with time to review the budget and make their amendments.

With much opposition to many of the allocations, the council engaged in lengthy discussions about whether certain budgetary allotments were appropriate. A major line of debate was related to allocations to The Bottom Line. Council member Joe Cole said he was extremely upset with the original $50,285 dedicated to the campus periodical.

“I just don’t understand the point of giving them any money when they just piss it away and don’t do shit,” Cole said. “They don’t even have any distribution racks on this campus. The only people that actually read that paper are the people that write it, and maybe that explains why it sucks.”

Rep-at-large Paula Reever said she agreed with Cole.

“At the Infected Mushroom concert there was a writer from The Bottom Line who was interviewing for her article in a bikini, and I just think that is very unprofessional and that is not how A.S. should be represented,” she said.

Then the board discussed Tuesday’s Santa Barbara County Board of Supervisors meeting, which saw the board ban alcohol on the beach and postpone a vote on the Social Host Ordinance. Members mentioned the lack of representation of Isla Vista, as 3rd District Supervisor Doreen Farr is I.V.’s sole representative in government except for the Isla Vista Recreation & Park District.

In the middle of the discussion a fire alarm went off in the UCen, leading to a 30-minute recess.