There has been some recent controversy concerning my last article in the Daily Nexus. The three or four people who have approached me about it are the ones that I appreciate the most, because they gave me insight as to where the heart of the issue lies.

The primary misconception stems from an artistic miscommunication between myself and the editors at the Daily Nexus. The title that was ascribed to my article didn’t link up with the direction I was trying to go with the body of work itself. “I Got Hoes” implies a very personal and derogatory relationship with the material, because when the title is fused with the material, it may become difficult to see it as just a farce.

I have gotten the chance to explain to people over the weekend that the piece was more of a sociological observation than a personal judgment concerning the topic of “Hoes.” Did you ever wonder why, even though the article is titled “I Got Hoes”, there was never any reference to me having any “Hoes”? That’s because I don’t refer to anyone I’ve ever been involved with by such a name. 

For the misunderstandings that led to hurt feelings surrounding the article I sincerely apologize; offense was never the intent. However, I will not apologize for the content of the article, mainly because I did not encourage or promote for people to be or be called “Hoes.” I never said it was “right.” I was only reflecting on the process by which women are ostracized by their sexual choices in our society. 

Unfortunately, gender bias existed in our society well before my article. All I ask is that you consider the source before getting too emotional about the material. If this article had been in U.S. News & World Report, I could understand the level of passion behind the responses. However, the Nexus is a forum for a wide range of topics with varying levels of seriousness, and that should always be taken into account when making a judgment about the information presented.