After reading Jesse Byrd’s column (“I Got Hoes,” Daily Nexus, April 23), I nearly vomited my Pita Pit, not just because of the phrase “summa cum Ho-de,” but because of the sheer demoralization of women that it presented. It doesn’t matter how much of a “Ho with a capital H” a woman is, demeaning women is a gateway to sexual violence and sexual harassment. Allowing men to say things of this nature, no matter how facetiously they’re said, tells the community around us that degrading women is completely acceptable. What appalls me even more than Jesse writing this column is that the Daily Nexus would actually publish it. Most of the time I enjoy the funny, light-hearted articles published in the Nexus; that day, I just found myself disappointed that I voted in support of the raise of fees toward the Nexus. From now on I’d like to see Jesse keeping his “Hoes in check” on the basketball court, so I can keep my pita down.

Thank you.