I’m a little confused by Aaron Wyse’s column “Fight Night KO’d for Wrong Reason” (Daily Nexus, April 15). Now, having not been present for the incident of violence he discusses, I really can’t offer any fact or evidence to suggest whether it was one individual or a group that was responsible for the incident. I will, however, argue that racism tends not to flourish in environments where it is discouraged and, from that fact, one might draw the conclusion that Pi Kappa Alpha might not be the most racially sensitive group of people. But again, I have no evidence to back that up.

What really confuses me is the proclamation that the kids are the ones that will really be hurt by the cancellation of Fight Night. I have two items of business: First, yes, it is unfortunate that a charity will be deprived of money because of the cancellation of this event. But, working with the assumption that the fraternity can be held responsible for the actions of its members, saying that we shouldn’t cancel Fight Night because it would hurt the kids, would be like saying that we shouldn’t put a felon in jail because he is the sole provider for his family. Second, it seems to me that if the message you are trying to send is that violence is not OK, then maybe hosting an event where two guys beat the shit out of each other is not the best way to raise money to spread that message. That’s just my two cents.