THE STUDENT Advocate General is essentially a lawyer for students when it comes to university-related issues like cheating, plagiarism, infractions that take place in the dorms, etc. This person has to be extremely educated on campus regulations and, because this position is only two years old, must be someone with experience in the Office of the Student Advocate. That person is Kelsey Fisher.

Kelsey is the only candidate who has worked on cases in the office, so she knows how to train new staff that come in to the office. She also knows how to handle any potentially tough cases using past experience, which is something neither of the other serious candidates can claim.

Chad Mandela is quite intelligent and could surely hold his own in a case. However, he wants to expand the office and create a county division (in addition to the current university and housing divisions), but we worry that this might be too ambitious a step for such a young and underdeveloped office.

Albert Garcia is also a smart guy who we would be confident getting legal advice from, but again, doesn’t quite have the experience the office needs right now. We liked his idea about being proactive instead of only reactive, but a competent Student Advocate General needs more than just good ideas.

Kevin Young is on the ballot, but when we contacted him for an interview, he was under the impression he wasn’t running.

Whoever becomes the Student Advocate General must remember, though, that for this office to gain more clout with the students, students actually need to know about it. All the candidates had ideas about how to spread the word, and we hope whoever wins will follow through on those proposals.