THE INTERNAL Vice President has to be the nerd of A.S. The IVP runs Legislative Council meetings and has to know Roberts’ Rules of Order like the back of his hand. The president needs to be able to look to the IVP for support and guidance when tough decisions come up. The biggest nerd — and we say this with love — is Chris Wendle.

This was the easiest decision for us to make this year. Chris is exceptionally qualified to serve as IVP. He is currently the first pro tempore of Legislative Council. He is, by self-proclamation, the “IVP’s bitch” and has already led Legislative Council meetings in the IVP’s absence. Chris has been in A.S. for three years, and he has been highly involved in Legislative Council in particular. He also sits on the Constitution & Bylaws Committee, which makes him well-versed in A.S. legal code. Chris, like every other IVP candidate, also promised shorter Legislative Council meetings (which sometimes run eight hours or more). As one of the few regular attendants of every Legislative Council meeting of the year, the Nexus is holding you to that promise.

Amanda Wallner might have outside political experience, but having never sat through an entire Legislative Council meeting herself, we worry she wouldn’t have a grasp on how things in A.S. go. A primary job of the IVP is to train Legislative Council Members, and we don’t know how well Amanda will be able to do that if she’s never had experience being a leggie herself. While we trust she has a good work ethic, we still feel she’s unqualified for this position.

While third candidate Alexandra Stubbs is currently proxying in Legislative Council, we still feel she doesn’t have the gusto it takes to be the IVP. She does not have the leadership skills it takes to be able to handle a large, potentially rowdy crowd like Legislative Council.

Editor’s Note: This editorial originally stated that Chris Wendle was the first-ever pro tempore. He is, in fact, the second person to serve in the first pro-tempore position.