THE EVPSA is our statewide representative, and likely one of the main individuals the UC Regents will associate with UCSB. The EVPSA should exude professionalism and must be able to represent students at the statewide level.

David Preciado is the most qualified of the three to do this job. He has served on Finance Board, which is proof he’s dedicated to campus affairs. One of his main issues is sorting out the problems with Minimum Cumulative Progress; he wants to see the money that we were promised when MCP was instated, and we agree with that. However, David seems a bit too hopeful and uses phrases like “institutionalize change” without irony. We appreciate his passion for the office, but he should increase his level of professionalism, especially if he’s confronting state officials and lobbying in Sacramento and Washington, D.C. for student issues. A balanced staff full of different personalities would be beneficial for him.

Celina Ayala is second-in-command to the current EVPSA Corey Huber, and even though that gives her the most experience working in the office, she gave us the worst interview of any candidate for any position. She seemed apathetic about the job and even highlighted the fact that there are other organizations outside A.S. for students who want to get involved.

Janelle Mungo had a friendly, open personality and would be able to carry on a conversation with state officials but, unfortunately, lacks the knowledge about UC statewide affairs. She has had no statewide experience — something the other two can boast about — and most of her leadership skills come from being a part of campus organizations. When asked about specific plans she had for the office, she was vague and couldn’t answer questions directly.

Editor’s Note: The editorial originally stated that David Preciado served on Legislative Council as a Representative at Large, which he did not.