Yesterday, Fight Night — one of the biggest annual charities held on campus — was found dead. Police suspect that ignorance on part of the Office of Greek Affairs is to blame. The Fight Night event is now another victim in the ongoing scandal within the greek community concerning the allegation of a hate crime committed by a member of the Pi Kappa Alpha fraternity. Not only has the scandal hurt two young men, a fraternity being penalized for the actions of a sole individual, but one can also add to the body count the boxers, potential ticket holders and, most importantly, the charity that the event would have benefited.

I have a sole question for the Office of Greek Affairs: If the crime were perpetrated just as a regular assault, would there still be outcry over this? I was robbed over a year ago, and the word “kike” shone upon my wall in graffiti like the bat symbol. I was still robbed, but since the word “kike” was involved it was elevated to a “hate” crime. The bottom line is that I still got robbed, and the graffiti left in my room plays no extra part in the seriousness of the crime outside the added vandalism. Since the hate crime is still under investigation, it’s hard to jump to any reasonable conclusions until all facts are laid out on the table.

Since the fraternity is being held responsible under the accusation of a “hate” crime, then everything they do must be hateful according to the logic of Greek Affairs. Whenever a fraternity screws up, the Office of Greek Affairs always jumps to save its ass by acting out of irrationality to punish all perpetrators along every relationship they hold so they’re able to proudly puff their chest and claim their dominance.

Racism is such a scary word in current times, because whenever it’s thrown around, regardless of merit, it stings and sticks. In no way do I condone the crime that was committed, but it’s only being blown way out of proportion because the nature of the crime has the addition of racial epitaphs and a greek organization. If it were just a kid being punched outside the Marley House, it wouldn’t have even made the Nexus Police Blotter.

The people that suffer the most are the children this charity would have benefited. Instead of providing money to an organization that would teach kids that acts such as these are unacceptable in society, they are being deprived of that message.

Greek Affairs solely cares about its own reputation; they don’t care about any of the people involved in this event, nor the people that it would benefit. They only care that they portray themselves as the righteous organization that brought justice against the devious frat boys to the maximum extent of their power to prove to the school, its students and most importantly, the media outlets that they are a ferocious entity not to be dealt with! Congratulations, Greek Affairs, you won the battle. I hope depriving a nonprofit that promotes youth safety (sound familiar?) was worth it.