The “Sleeves Bandit” – an accused serial bank robber that has been linked to at least 16 heists, including three in the Santa Barbara area – was arrested Monday following a botched robbery in Northern California.

Michael Anthony Koselka was taken into custody in the city of Marysville, north of Sacramento, after police successfully ended his getaway by slamming his car into a building. Koselka, who was formerly known only as the “Sleeves Bandit” — a nickname given in reference to the sleeves of fake tattoos he often wore on both arms — is currently being held on federal robbery and attempted murder charges in Yuba County Jail, according to Steven D. Dupre, an FBI agent from Sacramento.

Koselka, age 54, is believed to have robbed at least 16 California banks since November 26.

On Jan. 16, Koselka robbed both the Los Padres Bank and Santa Barbara Bank & Trust branches in Goleta. On March 21, the suspect took money from the Wescom Credit Union in Santa Barbara, authorities said.

With his first heist in Carmel, Koselka has been linked to holdups in Santa Cruz, Monterey, San Luis Obispo, Los Angeles, Santa Barbara and, most recently, Yuba Counties. He is also being investigated as a possible suspect in the holdup of two additional banks, one in Napa and the other Windsor.

Koselka was apprehended after he led Marysville police on a six-minute car chase following a robbery at a local bank. According to the police, Koselka hit three patrol cars and successfully maneuvered out of a forced spinout before an officer finally stopped him by ramming his Saab into a building.

According to the FBI, who had been actively searching for the “Sleeves Bandit” for months, Koselka previously served a 10-year prison term following a 1995 robbery spree in the Bay Area.

After appearing before a federal judge, Koselka will be transferred to the Sacramento County jail, where he will await trial.

— Staff Report