The night before Isla Vista was flooded with Floatopia revelers, hundreds of riders and spectators amassed on the corner of Camino Pescadero and Pasado to take part in a beach cruiser race dubbed the ‘Tour de Fuq.’

The race, a short lap from Camino Pescadero, down Pasado and back up Trigo, began Friday night at 7 p.m. and proceeded as racers paraded around the track four times, pausing after each lap to chug a beer. Presented by Kroozr $kid Nation – a local cruiser-bike restoration and racing club – the event showcased beach cruiser riders jumping bikes off ramps and skidding through the streets to the sound of death metal.

Participants donned uniforms comprised of wigs, skirts, bike helmets with pigtails, face paint, neon colored wet suits and generally revealing clothing.

Derek Mead, a fourth-year zoology major, won the race. According to Mead, the competition stood as a testament to local cruiser-racing talent.

“It feels amazing to be surrounded by such support,” Mead said. “I can’t believe I’m alive. I think I almost died four times during the race. I want to thank Michael J. Fox. If it weren’t for Teen Wolf [a 1985 movie starring Fox], I wouldn’t have won.”

According to third-year global studies major Peter Albrecht, the Tour de Fuq’ was held in the spirit of local cruiser riders and their dedication to the sport.

“This was a race of loyal cruiser riders dedicated to throwing fat skids for days,” Albrecht said.

Hannah Wright, a second-year psychology major, won first place in the women’s division.

“It was fucking chaos,” Wright said. “We circled up fucking hard. I chugged beers like no other.”

Mitchell Flexo, a fourth-year global studies major, said the Kroozr $kid Nation sacrificed a beach cruiser to the biking gods after their victory lap.

“We’re giving it to the gods of the nation,” Flexo said.

The beach cruiser was set on fire while drunken beach cruiser riders circled around it while yelling and celebrating. At approximately 8:50 p.m., the Tour de Fuq was broken up by the Isla Vista Foot Patrol.