The Plight of the Plover
By Travis Miller

Sitting in the sand,
Not a care in the world, except
Of course, than their imminent extinction.
Watching the waves crash, they stay and the
Young plovers play.
(This space represents a world without plovers)
Please don’t walk too close, the
Lovely docents say.
Oh, but how I want to lay, a
Vixen covered in sand,
Envisioning a world where the
Rare Snowy Plover can have their share of land.

Ode to Big Oil
By George Dubbya

black gold
flowing from the shores of our souls
like rotting puss from my pores…

how is your hummer running?
how is your mansion, your money?
how do your hands feel,
covered in the blood of mother earth?
or have you drowned in the goo.

We are the Womyn gaining strength against power to destroy MANkind
By Macky Waw

We are the Womyn
Gaining strength against power
To destroy MANkind

Title Goes Here
By First Last

In Biko
My home, my commune
My community

In Biko
Away from the stained hands and diseased minds
Of your business economics major

In Biko
I dwell with like-hearts and happy hands

I curse your oppression
Your imperialism
Your geopolitical neoconservativism
In Biko