I am appalled by Steven Begakis’ opinion article “Sex and Morality Should Mix,” (Daily Nexus, Feb. 12, 2009). As a Sex and Relationships Intern, a member of the group sponsoring Sexual Responsibility Week, I can say with confidence that Steven doesn’t know what the hell he is talking about. First and foremost, he equated carrying condoms “just in case” with having an extramarital affair.

Really, Steven? If he has ever actually come to one of our presentations then he would know that, as a group, the Sex and Relationships Interns promote healthy RELATIONSHIPS. We promote monogamy, not for morality’s sake, but because we feel that students in monogamous sexual relationships have a lower risk of getting an STI, and that closer relationships lead to better sex.

We also believe, however, that students should prepare themselves for unexpected one-night stands. We know that drunken hookups occur, but we do not promote them. Had he even heard of our “Sex on the Rocks” presentation, then he would know that Sex and Relationships Interns generally warn against drunken one-night stands because they can lead to bad sex or regret.

Second of all, he said in his column that condoms don’t protect against all STIs. Um… what unpreventable STIs would those be? Condoms, while more effective in preventing some STIs than others, always offer protection. Even in the case of STIs that can be transmitted through skin contact alone, using a condom is MUCH better than using nothing. I am curious as to where he got his information, and am a little upset that the Nexus editors missed that “fact.”

And lastly, as to his opinion that UCSB should promote “morals,” I would like to remind everyone that morals are subjective. As a student health group, we Sex and Relationships Interns are dedicated to EDUCATING our fellow students, not preaching to them. Our job is to provide factual information, and help students protect themselves. We represent a medical facility, and there is no room for subjective material in our presentations.

Do your homework, Steven Begakis.