One of the best things about the festival is that is often screens work by local filmmakers and UCSB students and alumni. One such film that ran at this year’s festival is “Clams With Green Onions,” a film produced as a part of the Film & Media Studies Dept.’s production class that premiered last spring at I.V. Theater.
Directed and written by Sheena McCann, executive produced by Edward Flannigan and produced by Samantha Cohen, this film is an obtuse story of obsession and loss of innocence.

The short film runs only 12 minutes, and in that short time is able to express the dangers of love, obsession and loss.

“Clams With Green Onions” is the story about a young girl, Goya, who is the black sheep of her family and cannot get over her obsession with family friend Rocco.
Depicting the trials and tribulations of growing up, especially the concept of innocence lost, “Clams” is sweet and just a bit melancholy.

The film has little dialogue; this is a kind of film that must be appreciated for its imagery rather than its soundtrack. Many compliments should be paid to the film’s cinematographer: The way the film was shot was interesting and really fit well with the story.

If there is any way you can get your hands on this film, do it and watch it. It’s great to see people my age with talent and even greater to seem them with creative and wide-ranged visions of filmmaking.