Police arrested the man behind the University Center knifing yesterday.

UCSB Police Dept. Sgt. Matt Bowman said his office received word that Umberto Castellanos-Alvarez, a former UCen employee, was assaulting a current UCen worker with a pocketknife in the Assets Protection Room, which serves as a surveillance center.

“The suspect got in a conflict with a male employee in room #1330 of the UCen,” Bowman said. “The suspect then began swinging a knife at the victim and had to be restrained by the victim’s co-workers.”

No one was injured in the conflict. However, the 29-year-old Castellanos-Alvarez managed to escape on a bicycle, Bowman said.

“Castellanos-Alvarez fled prior to UCPD’s arrival, but the knife was recovered,” Bowman said. “When officers arrived at the scene they secured the area and, abiding by protocol, issued a campus wide alert via text message and email through the UCSB Alert system”

Then yesterday morning at 8:14 a.m., UCPD located and detained Castellanos-Alvarez in Goleta.

“UCPD arrested Castellanos-Alvarez without incident and he will be booked into Santa Barbara County Jail,” Bowman said. “He was arrested for assault with a deadly weapon.”