I’m just back from Scotland and settling into my old routine. I moved about six feet to the apartment next door, applied for my old job and last, but certainly not least, returned to this little opportunity: writing the Escape From I.V. column every Thursday. I wrote this thingy last year and will continue this year to do my very bestest to introduce you to activities besides homework and getting hammered in I.V. every night. Not that those things aren’t awesome and a whole barrel of fun on their own but, rather, you might eventually grow tired of red cups and Scantrons. If you do desire some sort of other stimulation but don’t know where to find it, well, that’s where I come in.

Whether you desire a thrill, a chill or something in between, I will meet you here to toss out some ideas. If you can’t wait till next week for stimulation, you can always log onto the shiny new Daily Nexus blog site (dailynexus.com/dnb) and look for last year’s Escape From I.V. columns. Last year’s adventures included a two-part series on Disneyland and a flight lesson above UCSB out of our very own Santa Barbara Airport. Pre-packaged adventures are available online — just add water.

If there is something that you were always curious about/had heard about but were afraid to try/wanted some poor sucker to try it out before you invested your hard earned beer money into the experience, please drop me a line at features@dailynexus.com and I will try to throw myself at the adventure for the sake of serving the greater good. Any obscure and awesome suggestions for “escapes” are encouraged.

To the chagrin of my professors and bosses, I’m sure that other aspects of my life will suffer in the wake of the adventures up and down our little strip of extravagance, but who cares? If I can inspire just one of you to look outside of our glorious little bubble in Isla Vista and explore the region that drew Brad and Angelina, the King of Pop and Oprah, I will have done my job. Who knows what could happen? If you really get exploring, you might bump into them, introduce yourself and become the latest adoptee into the Jolie/Pitt family.