UCSB’s Ski and Snowboard Club took home their fourth consecutive All-Cal Cup this winter break, trouncing a field of competitors from six UC campuses.

Hosted by Whitefish Mountain Resort in Montana, the weeklong ski and snowboard fest welcomed over 500 competitors from across the UC schools. The event featured skiing, snowboarding and drinking events in which the winners accumulate points for their school.

Ski and Snowboard Club President Alex Shlyakhov said this year’s victory was a testament to the club’s long-term commitment.

“When we came in four years ago, it was the first time UCSB had ever won the All-Cal in its 51 year history,” Shlyakhov, a fourth-year business economics major, said. “So that one was huge, and it kind of pumped my class. We got the taste of victory, and we didn’t want to let it go.”

UCSB came into the final events trailing both UC Davis and UC Santa Cruz in overall points. However, UCSB rallied behind senior Eric Kellegrew and junior Mackenzie Most, who captured first and second place, respectively, in the drinking game Thumper.

UCSB then captured second and third place in the final event – the Dirty Dancing competition – and surpassed the two schools to take home the cup by 40 points.

“To win four years in a row was amazing,” Shlyakhov said. “It’s a lot sweeter to win than to lose, the winning school always has a better time. Also, every year that we win, it gets people who haven’t gone on All-Cal pumped up to go and shows them what we can do.”

Vice President Anna Petersen said this year’s All-Cal was the most competitive in years as a result of growing support for ski and snowboard clubs on UC campuses.

“This year’s trip was more competitive because Davis brought a lot of support,” Petersen, a fourth-year pharmacology major said. “It came down to the fact that we have so much support and such a good group. Our school participation really made a difference.”

Meanwhile, Harrison Sallow, a fourth-year psychology major, said the magnitude of UCSB’s dominance the last four years made for a great experience with the club.

“It’s been awesome winning the competition every year since I came [to UCSB],” Sallow said. “We hadn’t won in 51 years and to be part of the first class to win it, and then carry on that tradition has been an experience unlike any other.”