In regards to “UCB Gives Concert to Berkeley,” pulished on Nov. 13; there would be no shame in losing a voter registration competition to UC Berkeley, indeed it is what should be expected. UC Berkeley has almost twice as many students as UCSB, starts a month before us, and has a decades-old reputation as a political hotbed.

Except we won.

The students on this campus put in an unprecedented effort to register to vote and ensure that our voices would be heard in this election. We can stand proudly and say that no university in the country is more committed to exercising our constitutional right to vote. That is the real story. Focusing on a glitch in the Ultimate College Bowl’s system, which accidentally double counted some of Berkeley’s ballots, is both a failure of the journalistic process (a single call to the UCB would have cleared things up) and journalistic intent.

A Death Cab for Cutie concert is a reward for a job well done, not the goal. The Nexus should be celebrating the civic achievement of our students rather than obsessing over, and printing, half-truths and misunderstandings about a rock concert. Oh, and we are having the Death Cab for Cutie concert.