During Monday night’s brief one-hour meeting, the Associated Students Finance Board allocated $7,039.90 to six organizations.

The board fully funded requests by the Cotillion Dance Team, African diasporic Cultural Resource Center interns, Laughology and Lambda Theta Phi, while partially funding the National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws and Men’s Club Soccer.

AdCRC interns was among the groups to receive full funding. The organization sought $4,000 to fund a workshop and concert held at Corwin Pavilion promoting music from the African diaspora.

President Eziaku Nwokocha, a third-year sociology and black studies major, said the Soulfege concert will feature a unique blend of ethnic African music and that the workshop will center on the effect that music can have on a person’s mind.

“The music is going to be hip hop, reggae, West African funk,” Nwokocha said. “We also want to look into the question of how music can affect how you are, delving deep into the subconscious.”

The board also granted Laughology – formerly known as Comics Anonymous – its request of $2,116 for their last two stand-up comedy shows of the quarter.

President Jeffrey Urrea, a fourth-year film & media studies major, said the program has been very successful this quarter, attracting an average of 160 students per show.

“Improvability is on Fridays, but Saturdays don’t have anything else going on,” Urrea said. “This is a safe alternative to the party scene. We don’t charge admission because it takes away from the audience and complicates things with performers.”

Board member Darshan Grover said although the group had reduced its funding request, it has not yet sought funding from a non-A.S. entity.

“It’s good that that they’ve cut down on advertising money,” Grover said. “I’d prefer if they charge admission though and get true outside funding, outside of A.S.”

Board member Jackie Lee agreed and said Finance Board only granted their original request earlier in the quarter to help them “get on their feet.”

“This seems like a prolonged process,” Lee said. “They came back after receiving a certain amount of money and now want the rest of their shows covered. They are not branching out.”

Board member Gloria Schindler, on the other hand, said the group did just that.

“We only funded them for their first show,” Schindler said. “They got alternate funding for the next five so I don’t have a problem funding this.”

Meanwhile, the board approved two prize requests from the A.S. Community Affairs Board and Take Back the Night, as well as a travel request from the A.S. Environmental Affairs Board.