The race for the 19th District State Senate seat between Democrat Hannah-Beth Jackson and Republican candidate Tony Strickland remains too close to call.

Jackson currently holds a slim 255-vote lead over Strickland, with thousands of absentee and provisional ballets still uncounted. Updates have come in sporadically since Tuesday’s election, and at one point, Strickland was leading the race.

Of the 400,000 plus ballots cast in the 19th district, approximately 87,000 have not yet been tallied.

While Jackson is ahead at the moment — current calculations have her leading with 50.04 percent of the vote — the 19th State Senate district’s vast geography may work against her.

The district — which until this election season belonged to conservative Republican Tom McClintock — is comprised of all of Santa Barbara and Ventura counties, as well as the northern tip of Los Angeles County. About 76,000 of the uncounted ballots come from Ventura County, where Strickland has garnered a majority of votes.

Election officials have until December to finalize results, and each county may have to suffer through manual recounts.