Editor, Daily Nexus,

I’m writing in response to the staff editorial (“Passage of Prop 8 Shames CA,” Daily Nexus, Nov. 5), not because I disagree with the stance of the editorial board, but rather the way they go about displaying their stance. The biggest shock I saw was, oh, I don’t know… calling half of California ignorant hypocrites because they voted differently from you and me.

You call them un-American, or rather un-Californian, but I have never seen anything more American in my life. Let’s take a look at the history of Props 8 and 22. Eight years ago the people of California sought to outlaw something they did not see fit and made a referendum known as Prop 22, which would ban gay marriage. This prop won by a 60 percent to 40 percent popular vote.

After a rigorous time in court, the California Supreme Court exercised its right over the people and declared this law unconstitutional. The people, in response, exercised their right to override the court’s decision by amending the constitution (which means the court can no longer overturn it), and Prop 8 was born. This is a prime example of the system of checks and balances at work, a system our Founding Fathers put in place when this country began.

It is a tragedy that gay couples will not be called “married” anymore and that a class action lawsuit will surely follow to annul the current marriages. But gay couples will still have marital benefits recognized by their government and the right to be together with a domestic partnership.

Perhaps the protests and campaigns to come will inspire a new prop to arise, allowing gay marriages once again, so get involved! I understand you strongly want gays to be able to marry, as do I. So too does a little less than half of the voters of this great state. But to go out and call California full of ignorant, hypocritical fools because they disagree with you is exponentially more ignorant and hypocritical than any vote will EVER be.