Editor, Daily Nexus,

This is in response to the recent staff editorial in the opinion section titled (“Passage of Prop 8 Shames CA,” Daily Nexus, Nov. 5) Embarrassed to be called a Californian? I think not. You should be ashamed to even say that.

Just because California does something you do not approve of does not allow you to go and denounce California. This is your home, be proud! California is the Golden State, and we are ahead of the rest in terms of equal rights. We are just not ready for the next step, so don’t criticize the majority for speaking their opinion.

Calling those who don’t approve of gay marriage an “ignorant, hypocritical crowd” is just wrong. How would you like it if people called those who approve of gay marriage “ignorant, gay-loving sinners?” This is in no way true, but it is still offensive. So all I’m trying to say is no name calling please. Keep it clean and fair.

As for comparing gay rights to civil rights, well didn’t the civil rights movement take time? We have made progress toward gay rights. Is homosexuality not more widely accepted? So give it some time and quit taking this out on California. Saying you’re embarrassed to be a Californian just because Prop 8 passed makes me wonder what you would have said if McCain was elected.