Sigma Nu has officially lost its charter from the Inter-Fraternity Council following a string of misconduct allegations.

In a campuswide e-mail sent on Oct. 20, the administration cautioned all students to avoid affiliation with the fraternity. As of press time, reasons behind the termination remain undisclosed. Sigma Nu is the second fraternity to have its charter revoked at UCSB since the closure of Sigma Chi in the spring of 2006.

Despite inquiries questioning the withdrawal of the fraternity’s charter, those with answers refused to comment.

“I can’t go into any specifics,” Stephan Franklin, Assistant Dean of Students and Director of Greek Affairs said.

Sigma Nu members, as well as the Sigma Nu President, also declined to comment on the matter. According to the e-mail, the fraternity is still operating in I.V. and has been misleading new recruits about their official campus status.

In the e-mail, Vice Chancellor of Student Affairs Michael Young cited “egregious risk-management violations” as the reason for the fraternity’s closure. In his statement, the vice chancellor advised prospective greek students to avoid unrecognized campus organizations.

“I strongly discourage you from participating in activities with this or any other unrecognized campus organization,” Young said. “I also strongly discourage you from joining groups whose recognition has been terminated.”

Franklin said it is currently unclear how this will affect the fraternity, or how they will be able to regain their recognized status.

“It won’t probably be an option for the next two to four years,” Franklin said.

–Staff Report