To the students of UCSB:

My name is John MacKinnon, and I am asking for your vote for Superior Court judge on Nov. 4. Back in June, I came in first place out of four candidates with 40 percent of the votes. I hope that this letter will give you the information you need to vote for MacKinnon.

For almost two years, I served in our county’s drug and mental health treatment courts. This is where nonviolent drug addicts and those with mental health problems are placed into treatment programs, then further monitored and tested to ensure that they are able to remain clean and sober.

As a senior deputy district attorney, I have had the unique experience of having handled violent crimes committed by gang members, sexual predator matters and complex white-collar crime cases.

I am proud to have the balanced support from both key Democrats and Republicans, including Santa Barbara Mayor Marty Blum and Goleta Mayor Michael Bennett. In fact, over 40 current or former elected officials have endorsed and recommend me to be your next Superior Court judge. I am also supported by the county’s two drug court magistrates, Judge Rogelio Flores and Commissioner Deborah Talmage. I am currently serving my second term as the President of the Northern Santa Barbara County Bar Association and on other association executive boards.

The last time we had a judicial election, the voters elected a civil attorney. This new judge has spent almost four years now serving in a criminal courtroom. For the sake of balance on the bench, the UCSB voters should join with the rest of the county voters and elect someone with substance abuse treatment and criminal law experience.

Please e-mail your questions to

Thanks for your time and consideration, and remember our campaign slogan:
“Respected, fair and uniting our community.” I thank you in advance for your vote on Nov. 4.