Editor, Daily Nexus,

Isla Vista. One square mile of a city inhabited by mostly college students. It has the best-acclaimed food joints, local businesses that give it extra charm and, of course, let’s not leave out the infamous reputation of I.V. parties. More than a party, a lifestyle some would say. Now, why is it with a city as fabulous as Isla Vista, we all too often allow our homes to appear as run-down shacks? Some I.V. houses even have “Warning: hazardous chemicals in reach” signs posted within feet of our residencies. Is that what we like to call “home sweet home”?

I don’t wish to bash I.V. housing or its unique lifestyle. However, unless people make an initiative for change, things will remain the same or maybe even worsen.

So now you are probably wondering how to go about making change. It’s quite simple: Doreen Farr. She has been a Santa Barbara resident for 25 years – longer than most of you have been alive. She is running for 3rd District supervisor, I.V.’s only elected official. She cares about Isla Vista and returning the voice to its people. Farr cares enough about what I.V. residents have to say that she plans on re-opening an office in good ol’ I.V. so people can come in and make suggestions or simply talk to their representative. She also wants to bring back a housing inspector specifically for I.V. who will help ensure our homes are up to standard.

But most importantly, Doreen Farr wants to do all she can to protect the environment, especially the beautiful Gaviota Coast. Farr is far more than a sign on the side of the road or a sticker on a car. She offers more than free sandwiches or pizza. Farr is the candidate that will turn Isla Vista in the right direction. With all that, I hope you true Isla Vista folks will claim the power to put the right person in power of Isla Vista, the one square mile city that many of us like to call our home sweet home.