Editor, Daily Nexus,

Over the past few days I’ve noticed many large “Yes on 8” messages chalked onto the pavement around campus. While everyone is entitled to their opinions, the reasons given to support Prop 8 in these messages are hypocritical and fallacious.

One message that stood out to me said, “Protect religious freedom.” Prop 8 is the opposite of protecting religious freedom! Prop 8 supporters are largely religious people who are fighting to take away the right of other people to marry just because their own religion says that gay marriage is wrong. That’s not religious freedom. That is imposing one ideology onto a group that neither asked for nor wanted it.

Furthermore, it’s not like gay people having the right to marry inhibits anyone from practicing any religion. If you don’t support gay marriage, don’t have one!

Also, since when was it the government’s job to enforce the viewpoints of any religion? Last time I checked there was supposed to be separation of church and state. Supporters of Prop 8 are running their campaign based on lies and are spreading fear. Same-sex marriage harms no one, but religious wackos trying to get their faith written into law to take away a single group’s human rights harms everyone.