Editor, Daily Nexus,

I found David Zelman’s column (“Try Out a New Doggie Style,” Daily Nexus, Oct. 23) to be highly offensive to women and UCSB students who choose to love women.

As a Sex and Relationship peer health intern for Student Health, we attempt, among many things, to encourage equality on our campus, especially in concern with relationships. Although I was at first angered by Mr. Zelman’s article, I found myself to be more saddened that one of my “educated” peers would really rather have a partner that “sniffs [his] crotch” than one that cares to hear her own name in bed or not feel judged because she sweats after a run.

I too have a dog that I love to come home to, but I also have a strong partner that is socially aware enough to point out an article such as Mr. Zelman’s to his peers. As stated in the article, Mr. Zelman believes in equality. I also believe in equality and the joy that can come from it. I am very happy in a relationship in which my partner encourages my opinions, as I do his. Although I support any lifestyle that does not cause harm, I am also a huge believer in the impact of self-awareness. I would ask Mr. Zelman to examine the role he plays within his own relationships and even further to research how hurtful an article like this can be to our campus, which I find to be extremely gender equitable.