The race between those vying for positions on the Isla Vista Parks and Recreation District Board forces us to pick the lesser of many evils. I.V. needs a board that will be able to move forward. Liz Buda, Arthur Kennedy and Marie Crusinberry will bring innovative thinking to the IVRPD board.

Student Liz Buda is a leader in the community as a Chilla Vista organizer and the Associated Students Isla Vista Community Relations coordinator. Of all the candidates, her dedication to preserving I.V.’s culture and prior experience working within the community makes her most qualified.

While incumbent Arthur Kennedy was the shiest of the bunch, he was knowledgeable on Measure D, one of the most pressing issues for the IVRPD right now. We’re confident in his ability to analyze proposed measures objectively, without letting his emotional connection to the parks cloud his judgment.

Marie Crusinberry, also an incumbent, knows the facts of Measure D and the I.V. Master Plan. She understands that there are some things in I.V. that need to change and will require compromise, but also recognizes there are certain things — trees, for example — that are of dire importance to I.V. residents.

These three candidates promise to bring necessary updates and changes to I.V. while maintaining its unique sense of community.