In preparation for Halloween weekend, the Associated Students Legal Resource Center is hosting an event complete with costumes and pizza in Isla Vista tonight.

The Halloween Workshop will begin at 7 p.m. in Embarcadero Hall and teach members of the Isla Vista community how to party hassle-free, avoid the Isla Vista Foot Patrol and steer clear of the drunk tank.

Attendees are encouraged to wear costumes falling into the categories of either “most likely to get police attention,” or “most likely to freeze your ass off.” Winners of the costume contest will receive gift certificates to World of Magic, a local Halloween shop that sponsored the event.

According to David Andreasen, an attorney-at-law who works with the A.S. Legal Resource Center, the community meeting will feature an appearance from a local criminal defense lawyer who will answer legal questions. Andreasen said the workshop is meant to be casual and relaxed and does not presume to preach.

“We’re not lecturing to people, telling them ‘don’t do this, don’t do that,'” Andreasen said. “What we will do is suggest that you choose your drink, choose your party and know the way to do that without getting in trouble.”

William C. Makler, a Santa Barbara criminal defense lawyer who will be present at the event, said the aim of the workshop is to provide legal pointers.

“The primary goal is to promote safety. You should never physically resist if they try to arrest you. It’s how you treat the issue in the field that can make all the difference,” Makler said. “If you are [already] going to be arrested they are just going to add additional charges.”

The A.S. Legal Resource Center is a free service, which staffs two attorneys to provide free legal counseling for all UCSB students. Those with questions about legal issues such as criminal charges, problems with landlords or any other legality points are encouraged to schedule a confidential appointment with an attorney free of charge by calling (805) 893-4246 or by visiting the office location at 6550 Pardall Road.