Editor, Daily Nexus,

By now, the vast majority of students have heard that men’s soccer beat Cal Poly on Friday, Oct. 17. For those who haven’t: Our men’s soccer team beat Cal Poly on Friday. I was lucky enough to take a bus up to the game with the Gaucho Locos to cheer on the team. However, in our tiny little Loco section, surrounded by over 10,000 screaming Cal Poly fans, the Locos were not the most popular people at the game.

A few classless Cal Poly fans took it upon themselves to shame themselves and their team by throwing bottles and cans into the Loco section. They eventually built up to throwing an actual glass bottle at goalkeeper Kristopher Minton before the start of the second overtime. Soon after, however, the Gauchos did us proud and ended the game 10 seconds into the start of double overtime, which naturally shut those cow-lovers up.

My request to UCSB fans is that, when you go to Harder Stadium on Nov. 5 to beat the Mustangs’ attendance record from last Friday and watch the Gauchos defeat Cal Poly again, you watch with a sense of respect for the game. Don’t make an ass of yourself and disrespect your team by lowering yourself to the level of a bottle catapult. Do go crazy in the Loco section and throw tortillas when we score. Don’t resort to the bland “(Insert team name here) sucks” chant. Do go hoarse from singing the “Olé Olé” song. After all, all that time spent not getting ejected from the game for throwing bottles is better spent showing the Mustangs what they’re missing out on because, in the words of the Locos, they, “Couldn’t get into a UC. Oh no. Oh no. Long Beach State rejected them. Oh yes. Oh yes.”