Editor, Daily Nexus

I’m writing in response to Jenni Perez’s (“Hope My BF Don’t Mind It,” Daily Nexus, Oct. 15).

Though an accomplished fellow partier, and at the risk of sounding like a prude, I was appalled at the suggestion that every hetero girl at least try hooking up with another girl for fun. Don’t get me wrong, I have absolutely nothing against anyone’s sexual preference, but when you know your preference is heterosexual and find yourself drunk and making out with a girl in front of a crowd of ogling guys, you are embarrassing and degrading yourself just for show. For those straight girls who do in fact want to be viewed by guys as solely a floozy, by all means mack away (It is the same concept as stripping, isn’t it?).

A guy who wants the whole package would not want his girl sharing lips with anybody. And the kind of guy that ogles over the girl-on-girl scene is the kind of guy who will sleep with you without even needing to know your name or number, or ever having to see you again.

As for her second reason: it’s a way to avoid a chump by telling him you are gay (which I’ve done numerous times) and pulling a fellow girlfriend close, this is completely unnecessary. The boy is not going to believe you’re gay whether you actually are or not; the point is that he understands from your statement that he was blown off. I mean, is it necessary for a girl to make out with a guy in public for people to get that he’s her boyfriend? I’ve seen some pretty scary PDA in my lifetime. I really do not need to see more.

I think we are already in an overly sex-crazed world and personally I would find it endearing to find more genuine people when I go out instead of the fake drunk girls who will do anything for attention and usually look foolish doing it. Let’s not endorse that type of degradation. Was it really a proud moment for Katy Perry to be recognized for her party tricks? I would much more appreciate a message of conservatism: Be natural – don’t do lame party tricks just to attract a penis and disapproval from your comrades.