The fate of the Naples coast remains unknown after a marathon meeting of the County Board of Supervisors ended without a vote yesterday.

Approximately 70 concerned citizens signed up for public comment, stretching the proceedings late into the evening. An additional meeting has been scheduled for Tuesday, Oct. 21, at which time a final vote is expected. Prior to disbanding for the evening, board vice-chair and 5th District Supervisor Joseph Centeno called upon potential developer Matt Osgood to meet with the public and “work things out.”

According to Marc Chytilo, attorney for the Naples Coalition, a large majority of the public comments were in opposition to the proposed development.

“Aside from the few individuals associated with the development,” Chytilo said, “everybody spoke in favor of protecting the coast.”

Under Osgood’s proposed development, 54 estate-sized “McMansions,” would be built at the Naples Townsite – which sits a few miles north of Isla Vista – and an additional 17 houses would be built in the neighboring Dos Pueblos Ranch. Of the 54 lots proposed for Naples, 16 would sit on the coastal terrace between Highway 101 and the coastal bluffs.

Osgood has been trying to push the development through the board since he purchased the land in 1997. Next week’s meeting could potentially see his goals accomplished.