The biggest, baddest, most kick-ass party of them all is at Halloween. Halloween, Isla Vista style, is a crazy, blow-your-mind kind of event you’ll want to make the most of. These six simple tips will get you started.

Plan ahead and don’t be the loser who stands at the door of the local costume shop the night of the party, just as the doors have closed, banging, screaming and pleading to get in. Freshmen are notorious for waiting until the last minute. Shop early, like now, for your killer costume, otherwise you’ll find yourself settling for a homemade toga at the last minute.

Dress according to your party style. Want to talk, joke, eat or drink a lot? Then skip the
mask. Are you a dancing machine? Then don’t wear a costume that restricts your breathing, blood flow or movements. Looking for a love connection or just a hot and horny Halloween hookup? Then it’s “yes” to flirty and cuddly and “no” to cardboard and pointy edges. Gonna get totally hammered? Consider these when planning your costume: What won’t clash with the lawn I pass out on? What goes well with barf? What do I want to be wearing in my mugshot?

Be original. It just plain sucks to show up and find that your brilliant costume idea was 50 other people’s great idea too. You can avoid Cloneville with just little extra effort. Maybe a bit of costume fusion (combining two great ideas into one) or accessorizing in creative ways will help you tweak it to keep it unique.

Enjoy the show. At Halloween parties, girls dress all sexified with little or no shame, and everyone’s favorite: cleavage galore. So soak it up, take it all in, but only look. Don’t touch — unless, of course, you are invited to.
Beware of cliffs. Halloween night — when the parties are in full bloom, you’ve already done Jell-O shots and played beer pong — is not the time to visit the cliffs of Del Playa Drive to enjoy some moonlit sex or stare into your beer can and contemplate the universe.

Not a boozefester? Don’t miss the party, just do it brewski-free. Carry a beer can filled with your nonalcoholic drink of choice, nurse a soda all night long or stay busy shaking it on the dance floor. People who are sloshed out of their minds say the weirdest stuff and are great entertainment for the sober.

Isla Vista Halloween is, indeed, the wildest, rowdiest and most famous of parties in Southern California. The costumes are sexy, wild and weird and the crowds are unbelievable. With plenty of new faces, most of which are quite happy to make complete idiots of themselves for the weekend, this is one experience you won’t want to miss.