Editor, Daily Nexus,

I’ve got nothing against anonymous sex but I want to make sure that the freshman who read Jason Hunter’s column (“A Pack of Pointers for Polite Pumping,” Daily Nexus, Oct. 10) describing inebriated frat house sexual encounters know that not all of their neighboring I.V. residents wake up regretting the hazy memory of last night’s sloppy hookup. From Soc 152A, UCSB’s amazing sex-ed class (with a guaranteed NC-17 rating), I recall that something like less than 5 percent of UCSB students have sex with four or more people a month. We playfully referred to those 5 percent as “super-bunnies.” It’s pretty logical that the fraction should be so low, but it still felt great hearing some numerical data supporting my decision not to get hammered and sleep with someone new every weekend.

I am glad to see that Jason acknowledges that politeness is important during sex. Thanks also, Jason, for mentioning that most people don’t enjoy a stinky mate, and for admitting that drunkenly peeing in my bed would make you feel embarrassed. My issue with your article is that you set yourself up to regret your sexual decisions, which doesn’t seem like a good idea at all. I’m not trying to change your life but I think it’s pretty obvious that enjoying sex is better than regretting it. Respect is a wonderful thing and if you respect yourself and your decisions (including whom you ‘pump’), you might find that sex becomes a positive activity as opposed to the back-story behind an embarrassing joke the next day. All I’m saying, to freshman and everyone else, is that you can probably enjoy sex a lot more if you make good decisions and take responsibility if you happen to slip up every once in a while. And Jason, here’s to hoping that one day you’ll a. respect women and b. induce a genuine female orgasm.