With only a few weeks left in the race for 3rd District Supervisor, Doreen Farr maintains a substantial financial lead over Steve Pappas.

In the past three months Pappas has raised a total of $67,105 in contributions, while Farr brought in $169,593, according to the most recent campaign financing reports. Farr also leads in total contributions this calendar year, with $450,264 raised compared the Pappas’ $321,601.

The office Farr and Pappas are vying for happens to be Isla Vista’s only elected position. Despite this, voter turnout in I.V. for the June 3rd election — which Farr won but did not receive the majority of votes needed to claim the seat — was exceptionally low.

The California State Council Service Employees International Union has proved to be Farr’s largest contributor, donating $50,000 this filing period and $83,000 in total over the course of the year. Additionally, the Government Committee of Santa Barbara County donated $30,000 this filing period and $55,000 to date. Second District Supervisor Janet Wolf also supported Farr’s campaign, donating $500.

Farr’s total expenditures for the calendar year were $363,921, while Pappas spent $304,489. Pappas’ ending cash balance was $28,543.63, while Farr’s was almost five times that amount, at $137,060.

Farr said the diverse nature of her contributors reflects the wide support base she has gained.

“I’m very proud of the support from across the county and across the political spectrum,” Farr said. “Some of the donations represent thousands of people such as the health care workers and public safety workers, and these are the people who make up the fabric of our community. I think this is a sign of the strength of my campaign and my message.”

Despite numerous efforts, Pappas could not be reached for comment before press time.

Farr said she appreciates the support from these contributors and believes her fundraising success is due to support for her platform.

“I think that the fact that a lot of people are willing to donate money shows that my message resonates with them and they really believe I am the best candidate,” Farr said.

Pappas’ largest monetary contributor this filing period was Jan Crosby — wife of musician David Crosby — who donated $30,000. Crosby previously donated $13,000 to Pappas’ campaign. Another significant contribution came from Anne V. Crawford-Hall Enterprises – owned by Santa Ynez Valley Journal publisher Nancy Crawford-Hall – which donated $25,000 this filing period.