Editor, Daily Nexus,

Every four years we have this wonderful thing called the Presidential Election. A time to dust off the old biases, dig a deep trench and tell the other side how wrong they are. This is a time I love, a time of fun. One thing I hate, though, is the pleading TV shows, ads, people, etc. trying to get others to vote. Why do we want people who don’t want to vote to vote?

Normally people who vote are people who care; normally people who care are people who educate themselves on the issues. I am not sure I want average Joe Six-pack or Sarah Palin voting on a candidate they don’t know anything about. They might vote for the wrong reasons, like ability to speak the English language, blackness, sexiness or just being smarter than the other person.
To my non-voting friends, continue being the proud Americans you are and defy the man! I mean, in the end, what does it matter? You’re only voting for a douche bag or turd sandwich (thank you, South Park, for that one) anyway. Basically, vote if you want to, but don’t if you don’t want to. Let someone else make decisions for you – it’s easier that way. Or at least that’s what my roommate’s parents tell him. (Oh, and if you don’t vote, my vote is worth more…)