“Citizen McCaw” – a documentary film investigating the drama that unfolded within the Santa Barbara News-Press in 2006 – returns to Santa Barbara this week for its final public viewing.

The film details events since July 2006, when editor Jerry Roberts – the current UCSB publications director – and five other News-Press employees quit the paper, citing owner and co-publisher Wendy McCaw’s lack of journalistic ethics.

McCaw denied the charges and launched a fierce counterattack against the editors. The film covers the flurry of resignations, firings and lawsuits that ensued.

The showings will proceed despite two cease-and-desist orders released by McCaw’s legal team warning that any further showings of the film would incite legal action.

In the most recent of these notices, released in June, McCaw’s lawyer wrote to the producers, “Your consistent refusal to fact-check your film and… respond to our demand for a retraction supports our belief that you will continue to disparage Mrs. McCaw and the News-Press.”

The film will be screened this week at the Metropolitan Fiesta 5 Theatre on State Street from Oct. 9-12.

Additionally, “Citizen McCaw” is available for purchase on DVD.