Editor, Daily Nexus,

Max Battaro is right on a number of things (“Isla Vista Has Lost Its Spunk,” Daily Nexus, Sept. 28). I was a freshman in 2000. I had to leave UCSB and am now returning to finish, and it’s a completely different I.V. Del Playa Drive used to be so crowded that Sabado Tarde and Trigo were slammed with people from Thursday to Sunday. A degree from UCSB told employers you could get things done regardless of your environment. The locals didn’t cause most of the problems; it was the dumbass friends visiting, and that’s who was most likely to run afoul of the I.V. Foot Patrol.

While I’m not surprised the feminists hate fraternities — even if they don’t know anything about them — someone needs to step up and defend them. I am a Fiji (Phi Gamma Delta). We were kicked out of the UCSB-affiliated Greek system by that dick Stefan Franklin in 2003. In the 12 years we were on campus, we raised over $100,000 for the Surfrider Foundation and the children’s hospital, organized county-wide blood drives and brought bands like Sublime, Blink 182, 311, Goldfinger, Face to Face, Strung Out, Save Ferris, No Use For A Name, and many more to I.V. All the greek houses do similar things. Nobody is slipping date rape drugs to anyone. Seriously, don’t you think that would be pretty big news if it happened? I.V. HAS lost its spunk. People should be more demonstrative against the I.V. Master Plan, the I.V. Foot Patrol compound and being charged with assault for throwing water balloons. This is our town. A student may be here for four to six years, but the student body has been here and will be here much longer than that guy going through my patio for cans and anything that’s not bolted down.