I am writing in response to the article “Isla Vista Has Lost Its Spunk” by Max Bottaro (Daily Nexus, Sept. 28). Bottaro’s first complaint, that police officers are increasingly harsh in their treatment of fun-loving students, is a legitimate concern for all of us who value our privacy and our civil liberties. However, Bottaro’s unfair targeting of Isla Vista families as barriers to a genuine Gaucho experience is not only misinformed but incredibly insulting. While the majority of Isla Vistans are students, Bottaro seems to labor under the delusion that because the demographics lean in our favor our desires should be privileged above other peoples’ needs. He claims that I.V. is “our town,” and thus implies that we, as students, have some kind of right to anger other residents with our loud music and partying, simply by virtue of being students. The truth is that the families, many of which are low-income, cannot simply pack up their belongings and move across town. And even if they could, there’s no reason they should. On average, we’re only here for four years, while they may be here for decades. It’s their town, and we’re just passing through.